Megastar Engineering

Process Chillers:

We provide solution and supply various range of Freon and Ammonia Screw / reciprocating / multiple Scroll Chillers, with Water Cooled and Air Cooled condenser options for brine & water for process industry application like, plastic industry, pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry etc.

We provide various capacity and option and makes of Compressors with Single and multiple compressor arrangements on a compact single skid package with the refrigerants like R22 / R134a / R407C / R404a and Ammonia.

Features & benefits of Process Chiller packages:
  • Suitable for Low Temperature and Medium Temperature Applications
  • High Performance Compressors manufactured by the leading compressor manufacturing companies in the world to ensure correct suitability of the chiller for the particular application and the Chiller shall be Economical and power efficient.
  • Screw compressors with Capacity Control option of either step or steeples Capacity Control System.
  • Advanced PLC controller to control the Chiller operation.
  • Option of open type compressors or semi hermetic compressors.
  • Bigger Operating Range
  • Less Noise, Low Vibration and less maintenance
  • A complete solution of Supply, Installation & Commissioning.
  • Air Cooled and Water Cooled Options