Megastar Engineering

Pre Engineered Building:

A pre-engineered building (PEB) is the concept which is most popular now a days, the PEB designed by us and fabricated using best inventory of raw materials like MS structures available from reputed sources. Manufacturing methods were adapted by us are efficiently satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design for customer requirements.

Historically, the primary framing structure of a pre-engineered building is an assembly of I-shaped members. In pre-engineered buildings, the I beams used are usually formed by welding together steel plates to form the I section. The I beams are then field-assembled (e.g. bolted connections) to form the entire frame of the pre-engineered building. Other forms of primary framing can include trusses. Cold formed Z- and C-shaped members may be used as secondary structural elements to fasten and support the external cladding.

Roll-formed profiled steel sheet, wood, tensioned fabric, precast concrete, masonry block, glass curtain wall or other materials may be used for the external cladding of the building.

While pre-engineered buildings can be adapted to suit a wide variety of structural applications