Megastar Engineering

With Screw Compressor:

  • Large capacity vertical / horizontal liquid receiver
  • High pressure and Low pressure safety cutout controls
  • Generously dimensioned suction gas and liquid gas dryer – filters
  • Piping system includes all the necessary valves for oil cooling
  • Minimum system joints to reduce possibility of leakage
  • Compressor oil flow monitoring and alarm
  • Indicator sight glass for ease of system analysis
  • Complete assembly built to compact dimensions
  • Low vibration transfer pipe fixing and construction system
  • Low noise
  • Safety pressure relief valve standard supply
  • Safety pressure controls standard supply
  • Oil cooling system
  • Raised base rails for easy mechanical handling and cleaning
  • Anti vibration mounting pads allows smooth operation and leveling
  • Raised compressor rails provide easy access for oil changing
  • Solid isolation mounts for each individual compressors
  • Mechanically bent discharge pipes individually sized to reduce pulsation
  • Hidden discharge header reduces potential to burn injuries
  • Individual mechanical high pressure cut out safety control to each compressor
  • Minimum screwed joints to prevent gas leakage
  • Pipe support and fixing system carefully engineered to ensure an effective vibration solution preventing vibration source energy transfer through the entire structure
  • Quality rust preventive finish
  • Common low pressure safety cutout control prevents damage through control malfunction


  • Low investment cost per kW
  • Small floor area required for large cooling capacity


  • Air or water cooled condenser options available
  • Heat recovery system for waste heat!
  • Liquid level alarm
  • System pressure gauges
  • Additional pressure controls